Dance wear and ballet clothes

Best4stage brings to the market its own collection of professional dance wear of the highest quality required by today’s generation of dancers.

  • To dancers we offer a wide range of design solutions. Take a look into our gallery of dance and ballet clothes designed for professionals as well as amateurs.
  • To dance and ballet schools or dance groups we bring a complete offer of dance clothes for children and adults. All products are tailor made. This service offers an option of personalized printing of logo of the school, student’s name tag or use of school colours, all this for competitive prices.

Contact us today. We will be happy to introduce you different options of our cooperation.

Latin & Ballroom dances

We all love dancing. Someone falls for the magic of classic ballroom dancing, others love the wild energy of Latin rhythms. One thing which is sure for both is their exact and precise rules as well as strict clothing etiquette.

  • For individuals we offer different designs and styles for ballroom dancing. We have a wide range women and men costumes for Latin and Ballroom dancing.
  • For dance groups and teams we can also prepare personalized dresses designed according to your needs and wishes.
  • Dance clothing has to comply with strict production and design requirements and style or quality imperfections are not tolerated
  • Our production is not serial, every piece is tailored for the particular customer. We can provide nonstandard sizes, materials, colours or special designs and cuts. We approach each customer individually, but not at the expense of the final price.

Contact us today. We will be happy to offer you different options of our cooperation.