The only tailcoats on the market designed for stage, tailored for artist’s requirements

Do artists really need a tailored tailcoat? Do you think they are too expensive for you? We in best4dance reply that it is good to see things in context. A tailcoat tailored to smallest details and perfectly fitting is a great investment….and also is a lot cheaper than you would expect.

  • Tailcoat that is 50% lighter You will never again experience that feeling that instead of wearing a tailcoat you put on a heavy winter coat. Thanks to innovative construction and clever material selection are best4dance tailcoats airy and light. Their transport is much easier and cheaper. This is very convenient especially during challenging travels. So from now on, instead of a wrinkled tailcoat, you can bring home more presents from your tours.
  • Pin&Go detachable cuffs. There are two most important things on every shirt. The right length of the sleeves and clean cuffs. But neither of them should bother you anymore. Relax, breathe in and if you want, wear even a sleeveless shirt into your tailcoat. Our detachable cuffs Pin&Go will take care of your perfect look that is right in accordance with etiquette. Genius and practical solution that is topped by incredibly easy cleaning.
  • Removable inner lining Zip&Go With our Zip&Go removable inner lining, your tailcoat will be peformance ready, clean and fresh anytime. Ordinary tailcoats allow only external and expensive cleaning. Many times it would be enough to clean just the inside of the tailcoat. Best4stage stage tailcoats with a removable inner lining bring to the market revolutionary innovation with many advantages. You will no longer need an expensive dry cleaning. Thanks to Zip&Go system, you can wash the inner lining after every concert yourself. If you concert often, you can get several different removable inner linings for your tailcoat. Best4stage offers a variety of different colours and materials. We also have a summer and winter version.
  • Freedom for your arms and shoulders The reason why tailcoats are so unpopular is because they are uncomfortable and make you feel clumsy and heavy. Unlike conventional tailcoats, best4stage tailcoats have sophisticated modeling of back and shoulders which gives you an unexpected feeling of freedom. Tailcoats stopped being your enemy and became an ally. Elegant to conquer the audience and at the same time unlimiting and invisible so you can concentrate on your performance.

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