Perfect character cannot exist without a perfect costume

When creating the costume, we always think in context. Your requirements are approached with flexibility. We elaborate the costume as you specify. We can also prepare a custom solution to consult with you. We can ensure the production of any kind of stage costume from classic ballet costume to creative costumes for different show productions, circus or film industry.


  • We are happy to take on full costume production process for theatre, ballet, circus, opera, film or other productions. With your costume, we can also offer production of small stage property that is so necessary to give your performance the final touch.
  • Costumes and small stage property can be also ordered by individuals for their personal purposes.
  • We specialize in processing of elastic materials. They are the base materials used in ballet and dance theatres.
  • In our offer you can find dance and ballet costumes, costumes for theater performances, all kinds of living theatre, modern circus, dance or acrobatic shows.
We know the reality
Our production base allows us to work on wide range of stage costumes. We have thorough knowledge and years of experience working with elastic materials which go through a very specific production process, requiring specialized processing machines and highly skilled staff. We know how the theatre productions work, we know the work scheme and we respect the delivery dates. We want to know what kind of environment should be the costume made for, what will be its workload, life expectancy, storage, how much time there will be for dressing or changing, maintenance requirements and other. We have at our disposal a material storage, design team and a creative lab.