Masks and stage props

Would you like something unusual for your project, but you have no idea who could do it for you? You want your products to be made by master craftsmen from big theatres stages, but can not afford their services? You do not have to give up on your ideas, contact our sewing and design lab and we will make it for you. Our team consists of gifted and artistically talented people, for whom each and every project is a great challenge and joy.

  • We have created realistic animal head replicas as stage masks, as well as accurate animal replicas of real life size in the past for our clients.
  • Costumes do not have to consist only of textiles. We can produce various types of costume constructions for you to achieve a specific effect or plasticity.
  • We have experience with modern materials and colors with UV effect as well as with LED technologies. We can make your costumes glow, which is director’s or choreographer’s favorite element and gives the performance an extraordinary visual effect.
  • We also work with a 3D printer that allows us to create specific small costume components.
  • In addition to elaborate props and masks, we also offer hair decorations, crowns and tiaras.

Contact us today and we will be happy to offer you possibilities of our cooperation.