Advertisement print

Do you need a promotional clothing or you already have it but you are missing your logo?

We can secure printed or promotional textile with your logo or design. In the process of printing, it is much more technologically precise and effective to print on separate pieces before sewing them together than to print on the finished product. For best quality results we can ensure both, sewing and printing, under our roof.

  • Selection of the offered techniques depends on client’s expectations and material properties: Screen printing, direct digital printing – DTG, flex or flock, Embroidery: classic, 3D embroidery, appliques.
  • Looking for a quality promotional textiles to promote your company activities or support your team? Ask for our catalog.
  • If you need something special, already have your own design proposal or a good idea which no one was able to provide, contact us and we will sew it for you and provide printing.