Gymnastics, figure skating, aquabelles

The important part of a successful sports exhibition is the costume. Dance, sport gymnastics or figure skating are exactly those sports where a quality performance costume as well as the right training attire is essential.

  • At best4stage we have experience working with elastic material and mesh.
  • The costumes are hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals, embroidered with charming applications or decorated with print or airbrush technique.
  • Have a look into our catalog of women’s, men’s and children’s leotard patterns and body leotards which serve as a base for a performance costume.
  • We also offer production of team clothing, hoodies and sweatsuits
  • Advertising print or embroidery, your own label with your logo belong to our other services.

Sports riding, parkour

If you are looking for an alternative to serial production of riding clothes, we offer clothing according to your specifications. Riding tailcoats will be tailor-made for you with an option of decorative or personalized embroidery. We can tailor-make other parts of your clothing as well.

Contact us today and we will prepare you a personalized quote.

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Have a look at our testimonial video: Tailor-made riding tailcoat best4stage