Machines and technology

The well-established sewing and design lab is a combination of three components. Good organization, experienced and trained staff and modern technology. At best4stage, we try to keep all three components in balance. We are equipped with machines that cover the entire spectrum of technical operations and tasks. This makes us independent and able to create even most challenging design constructions. The machines are operated by an experienced production team, which consists of specific task specialized tailors who are able to able fulfill the complete order. Precise scheduling allows us to plan and organize the production efficiently, which means fast delivery times and keeping the deadlines.

It is not a habit to disclose information about the machinery equipment you dispose of but we have decided to do so as it is an important fact for our clients which they understand and can help them to make the decision. The list of machines and description of the operations is only indicative. The machines can fulfill more tasks and our lab is operated by professional and skilled staff.

  • Belt saw
  • For precise and fast cutting of top, filling or lining material.

  • Overlock machines
  • For embroidery and edging, hemming or seaming of textiles and technical materials. Overlock is usually used for knitted materials and fabrics. 3Ev sews over the edge, below and both sides. We operate 5-thread machines, Union Special and 1-thread machines.

  • Buttonhole machine
  • Precise buttonholes according to your needs. Keyhole, fishtail, etc.

  • Zigzag sewing machines
  • For decorative back-stitching or seaming on textile and technical materials.

  • Fusing press
  • Used to reinforce materials.

  • Press machine
  • To iron on different kinds of logos and labels.

  • Ironing press with compressed air and a shoulder
  • We use it for finishing as well as between operations professional ironing of our products.