Entertainment industry

Circus, acrobatic performances, magicians, show productions

Costumes for the entertainment industry are very diverse and just like the industry itself are often very creative, fun and striking. Work on projects for this industry is a great inspiration and every time different. The difficulty of production of such costumes is very individual and depends on the client’s specific requirements. In the case of complicated designs or demanding decorations, the work on costumes can take a lot of hours. On the other hand if it is a previously tested pattern cut with proven production technology, the final product is made significantly faster and cheaper.

  • Clothes for the acrobatic shows must be functional, of sophisticated design and ready for extreme load.
  • Our sewing and design lab will produce your own range of clothing according to your specifications.
  • Elastic leotards from showy fabrics with decorations.
  • Costumes and shoes for clowns.
  • Costumes and shoes for performances of magicians and their assistants.
  • Costume rental.

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